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'Do not lost hope'
'Please stay strong a little bit more'
‘We are waiting’
‘Please comeback’
'Are you Hungry ?'


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Recounts of one of the best birthdays ever

I wasn’t really expecting anything special this year and I was totally okay with that but today was full of really nice surprises thanks to Luke and just a little good luck. Except for the part where I lost my driver’s license somewhere on campus so I need to wake up early tomorrow to go to the DMV and get it renewed but WHATEVER. 

After school finished, Luke came to my house around 4pm and we headed off to do some shopping at the mall which I was super excited about because I haven’t been shopping since October and I finally got a little spending money from my relatives and it was the perfect opportunity to actually buy something nice for myself for once instead of saving every penny I get for Korea. First we went to buy (get ready for it) the naked 3 palette!!!! I’ve wanted that since it came out but could never justify spending money on it, but my eye shadows I like are about to run out anyway and I finally had money I wasn’t planning on getting so I was able to buy it! I am super excited guys. I have been obsessed with pink neutral colors since I started wearing eye shadow in the ninth grade. Luke didn’t understand what was so great about it though but he’s a boy so I will excuse him. 

After that we went clothes shopping and I learned that clothes shopping with Luke is actually really fun?? I was expecting him to be all bored and wanting to leave but he was actually really into it and was picking out things for me to try on and he has really good taste guys!!! Everything he picked out was totally my style and something I’d really like to have. Once I tried on all the clothes for him, I settled on a forest green chiffon blouse with gold detailing and a really stylish leather and wool jacket which is sadly too warm for me to wear since spring is finally coming, but I will bring it with me to Korea and wear it there. It was just too cute to pass up. Plus Luke loved it and I was really impressed with him for finding it (and the green top too!). The best part about all of that was when I went to pay, they couldn’t find the price tag for the jacket and couldn’t find any identical jackets and after a fifteen minute or so search they decided to give it to me for $130 less than it’s original price since it was a winter item which was great and totally unexpected. 

After the mall we went to go eat some beyond delicious sushi and great lucky things happened there as well. First, the sushi chef was apparently distracted while making our food so he gave us twice as much as we ordered which was awesome, and then somehow the bill ended up being like thirty dollars cheaper than we had anticipated which I still don’t get but I am not complaining. And then when we were back in Luke’s car he surprised me with a gift I was not expecting at all. Back at the mall he had stopped to buy me an adorable, big pastel colored stuffed puppy and I assumed that was my present and I was totally okay with that because I love stuffed animals and I wasn’t even expecting any type of present from him. But then we got in the car and he gives me a super sweet card (that is actually a card you give to two people getting married but A+ for effort) and a gorgeous blue and white Swarovski crystal pendant necklace. Luke why are you so good to me whyyyyyyy. 

Then I took him near the area where I work where every month in the spring and summer they have a type of festival thing where there is tons of live music and drinking on the streets and food and art and it just happened to fall on my birthday this month. It’s a really fun tradition for my town that I’ve been going to since I was in middle school and it was fun to share with him and I think he really enjoyed it because he kept saying “wow now I have seen real America this is awesome”. The only problem is my boss was outside the restaurant I work at selling wine and I had to keep trying to avoid her since she asked me to work today but I told her I couldn’t because it was my birthday. I don’t really think she would have cared at all if she saw me, but still haha. 

Sadly after that we had to go back to my house and both do homework and the night ended with him asleep on my shoulder while I typed an analytical essay that is due by 9am tomorrow. Today wasn’t really anything special but I loved it I think more than the totally planned out big celebration birthdays I’ve had. It was fun bonding even more with Luke and seeing that we have even more in common than I thought and it was fun sharing a tradition with him that I’ve loved for years. It was just very, very nice and I am very happy and wouldn’t want to change anything about today. :)

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Happy happy birthday to youuuu~ To a fabulous girl who is much more than intelligent and beautiful, inside and out!!!! <3

You’re so sweet thank you!!!!

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Happy birthday!!

Thank you!!!

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Happy Birthday :)

Thank you, love!!!

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I miss my days of cute guy scoping in clubs and kiss lists so bad

Getting really dressed up and nice and going out with your girlfriends and having the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen that night or who you’re going to meet is the best feeling ever 

I miss itttt

Now I’m lame and in a relationship (with a great guy! kisses, Luke!) and sitting here in my bed at 8:30am making pointless text posts about cute guy scoping because I can’t sleep

what has my life become 

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what is this naked korean man show???? omg please tell me I'm in korea now hahahh

It’s exactly what it sounds like apparently lol. 

It’s called Mister Show and details about it have been floating around tumblr lately. 

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I wanna go to the naked man show in Korea too wahhhh why am I in America 

y’all who are going are lucky bitches